Fast Enterprises’ Child Support Engagement software, FastCSE, is the first fully integrated, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for modern child support administration. FastCSE is a single application that integrates standard child support functions such as Case Initiation and Maintenance, Locate, Accounting, and Enforcement. In addition, FastCSE also integrates modern capabilities such as Analytics, Business Intelligence, a mobile-friendly Customer Portal, Universal Interfacing, and more. As a COTS product, FastCSE adapts to an agency’s evolving laws, processes, and best practices in a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective manner. As a Fast Enterprises product, FastCSE will also continually evolve to take advantage of modern technology and techniques, ensuring child support agencies can provide the best possible service to children and families.


Notable Features

  • Provides a modern system on a modern platform that meets today's business requirements
  • Provides upgrades that keep up with emerging technology and industry best practices
  • Accommodates evolving federal and state mandates, policies, and procedures in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost
  • Flexibly configured to meet the unique business and technical requirements of child support agencies with minimal need for custom programming
  • Eliminates challenges and risks related to:
    • Training agency business staff on multiple systems
    • Training agency IT staff to maintain and support multiple systems
    • Future interoperability and obsolescence of multiple, independent systems
    • Managing multiple systems built by multiple software companies, installed and maintained by multiple vendors, working under multiple contracts



Active Projects

  • New Zealand Inland Revenue

Why FastCSE?

The FastCSE solution is configured from these modules to meet the specific business and technical objectives of child support agencies. Customized extensions to the core solution can also be implemented to meet unique program needs.

Functional Architecture

Case Initiation

The Case Initiation module provides support and automation for new or referred registrations, applications, and associated case flows. Our web-based customer self-service features allow applications to be filed securely online on any modern device.


The Locate module provides support and automation for location activities utilizing internal agency data, the FAST Data Warehouse, integrated public-records sources, and data acquired through interfaces with external data sources.


The Establishment module supports the calculation and establishment of child support obligations. Our integrated Business Analytics can be used to intelligently “right-size” child support orders, as necessary.

Case Management

The Case Management module maintains customer demographic information, account details, correspondence, and documentation. Our web-based customer self-service features allow customers to perform self-service activities on any modern device.


The Enforcement module tracks non-compliance and manages billing, collections, and additional enforcement activities for unpaid liabilities. Our integrated Business Analytics can be used to suggest personalized best courses of action in enforcement strategies.


The Financials module provides full accounting for all financial transactions, including calculations for obligations, payments, distributions, disbursements, adjustments, and penalty and interest.

Optional Subsystems


e-Services provides secure customer and employer self-service functions through an online portal accessible via any modern device. Customers can view case information, submit documents, make payments, and communicate directly with their caseworkers. Employers can respond to income withholding orders, make payments, and report new hires.

Business Analytics

The integrated Business Analytics subsystem drives agency automation and decision-making. A best course of action can be identified based on the results of previous actions for cases and customer situations resulting in more effective and efficient decisions over time.


Scheduling allows customers to schedule and maintain in-person appointments with an agency. Customers can select the nearest or most appropriate location and receive immediate confirmation of scheduling.


Imaging manages digital document images that are captured individually online by users or in batch by agencies’ third-party scanning subsystems. Images are indexed to associate them with the correct case records. FastCSE supports images in industry-standard formats.