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Project Awards

FAST projects have been recognized for making a difference in communities around the world.

Project Highlights

In government agencies around the world, dedicated teams of agency staff and FASTies have worked together toward the common goal of improving the public sector.
These are their stories.

South Carolina DOR Leverages Analytics, Sets New Standard for Collections

May 2024

One-Stop Shop: Maryland MVA Streamlines the Customer Experience

April 2024

North Dakota Paves the Way for a Better DMV Experience

January 2024

Keep Colorado Wild: Forging a New Revenue Stream for State Parks

December 2023

Project NextDOR: Indiana Embraces Change and Transforms DOR

September 2023

Resilience in Action: SURI Helps Puerto Rico Navigate Challenges

August 2023

VicToRy for Nebraska

June 2021

Michigan Streamlines Processes with New System

October 2020

South Carolina Blasts to the Future

September 2019

Weaving a TAPESTRY of Change

August 2019

Two Agencies Unite for a Better Illinois

October 2018

Tennessee: An A-LIST System

August 2018

Jamaica: A Vision of Progress

June 2018

Michigan's Unemployment Insurance Solution

October 2014

A California Success Story

August 2012

Montana Department of Revenue Case Study

April 2010

How Louisiana's Department of Revenue Stays Cool, Calm, and Collecting

Winter 2005

New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department Case Study

May 2005

Idaho State Tax Commission Case Study

June 2003