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FAST projects have been recognized for making a difference in communities around the world.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Project highlights celebrate the success that results from the collaboration of a dedicated team of both clients and FASTies working together toward a common goal.

VicToRy for Nebraska

June 2021

Michigan Streamlines Processes with New System

October 2020

South Carolina Blasts to the Future

September 2019

Weaving a TAPESTRY of Change

August 2019

Two Agencies Unite for a Better Illinois

October 2018

Tennessee: An A-LIST System

August 2018

Jamaica: A Vision of Progress

June 2018

Michigan's Unemployment Insurance Solution

October 2014

A California Success Story

August 2012

Montana Department of Revenue Case Study

April 2010

How Louisiana's Department of Revenue Stays Cool, Calm, and Collecting

Winter 2005

New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department Case Study

May 2005

Idaho State Tax Commission Case Study

June 2003