FAST started in 1997 with a vision to introduce packaged software to the integrated tax processing market.



FAST consultants are engaged in implementation projects, working onsite in client offices at the city, state/provincial, and national levels around the world.



FAST is committed to being a premier provider of software and consulting services to government agencies.

Our Clients

Every day, our professionals leverage their worldwide public sector and technology experience in teaming with national, state/provincial, and local government agencies around the world.

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Alabama Department of Revenue

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Driver License Division

Alaska Department of Revenue

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Driver Services

California Board of Equalization

California Employment Development Department

Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services

Georgia Department of Driver Services

Georgia Department of Revenue

Hawaii Department of Taxation

Idaho State Tax Commission

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Illinois Department of Revenue

Indiana Department of Revenue

Iowa Department of Revenue

Louisiana Department of Revenue

Maine Revenue Services, Department of Administrative and Financial Services

Maryland Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Administration

Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Registry of Motor Vehicles

Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Michigan Department of State

Michigan Department of Treasury

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Mississippi Department of Revenue

Missouri Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division

Montana Department of Justice

Montana Department of Labor & Industry

Montana Department of Revenue

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Nevada Department of Training and Rehabilitation

New Hampshire Department of Revenue

New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department

New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department, Motor Vehicle Division

North Dakota Department of Transportation

North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

Ohio Department of Taxation

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Oklahoma Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Division

Oregon Department of Revenue

Oregon Department of Transportation

Oregon Employment Department

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Puerto Rico Department of Treasury

South Carolina Department of Revenue

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Tennessee Department of Revenue

Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

Utah State Tax Commission

Utah State Tax Commission, Department of Motor Vehicles

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

Vermont Department of Taxes

Washington Department of Licensing

Washington Department of Revenue

Washington Employment Security Department

Washington State Patrol

West Virginia Department of Revenue

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

British Columbia Ministry of Finance

Ontario Ministry of Finance

Manitoba Finance Taxation Division

Finnish Tax Administration

Jamaica Tax Administration

Laos Ministry of Finance

New Zealand Inland Revenue Department

Republic of Poland Ministry of Finance

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago Inland Revenue Division

Royal Malaysian Customs Department

Arlington, VA County Treasurer's Office/Commissioner of Revenue

Aurora, CO Finance Department

Boulder, CO Finance Department

Denver, CO Department of Finance Treasury Division

Columbus, OH Income Tax Division

Grand Junction, CO

Kansas City, MO Revenue Division

Lakewood, CO Finance Department

Louisville, KY Metro Revenue Commission

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY Department of Finance

Philadelphia, PA Department of Revenue

Portland, OR Revenue Division

Washington, DC Office of Chief Financial Officer

Westminster, CO

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